Tom McNicholas has written widely on many aspects of urinary disease. He is particularly in demand for teaching on benign prostatic disease and urinary symptoms. He has major interests in the management of prostate cancer, the treatment of urinary stone disease and in making common urological investigations (especially prostatic biopsy) both painless and safer.
He has written over 150 major scientific papers which can be reviewed in the bibliography. Most recently he has been lead author of the chapter on Benign Prostatic Disease in the latest addition of Campbell’s Urology. This 4 volume textbook is the “bible” for urology and is used by urological experts worldwide. He is one of only a small handful of British urologists to have been recognised in this way.

For patients interested in UroLift

From Prof. McNicholas          

For patients interested in UroLift
You may have heard of or already inquired about treatment with the UroLift® implant system. Urolift is a minimally invasive alternative to standard surgery for the treatment of urinary symptoms due to an enlarged prostate. The UroLift implants hold the prostatic urethra open without the need for incisions, surgical resection or thermal injury to the prostate. 

I was part of the original project group and have advised on the development of this exciting and novel treatment since the project began in 2005.  I have been conducting UroLift implantations with the final version of the device for 2 years now.  We typically perform this as a day case procedure under i.v. sedation and in some cases local anaesthesia.

We have been steadily accruing experience and results and are confident urolift is safe and effective though not all men will be suitable. You may be interested to know that more evidence is now available. A rigorous FDA randomized study of UroLift has just been published in the prestigious Journal of Urology.  This is a welcome addition to non-randomized studies previously published in the British Journal of Urology, European Urology (McNicholas et al 2013), Urology and Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Below are highlights from the results of the randomized study of 206 largely American patients:
·      UroLift demonstrated exceptional safety, avoiding the major issues that can occur with standard surgery.
·      Patients reported returning to normal lifestyle within an average of 8.6 days.
·      UroLift was superior to Control in all measures of urological symptoms.
·      Symptoms were reduced by 49% (i.e. 2-3 times that seen with alpha blockers).
·      Urinary flow rate was also 50% improved (i.e. 1.5-2 times that seen with alpha blockers).
·      There was no incidence of sexual dysfunction associated with UroLift.
·      Durability to 1 year was proven and upholds the 2 year durability of a prior study.
·      After the comparison study, 80% of Control men elected to then be treated with UroLift.
·      Quality of Life improvements showed that men were happy with their improvement.

Please contact us if you wish the opportunity to discuss whether UroLift is a good choice for you.  You can also find additional information at


Private patients: 
I perform urolift procedures at The London Clinic, a major private hospital conveniently situated in central London.  Other sites may be possible. We will be pleased to help you liaise with your medical insurer about costs. A “self pay option” is available.

NHS patients: 
Not yet available outside a trial (BPH-6). We are negotiating with NICE for approval. Their processes can be prolonged but they hope to give a decision shortly. (In fact NICE now tell me that they plan to review urolift on 11th of July). Even then, local NHS purchasers may delay any decision on purchasing Urolift due to current cost pressures on the NHS.
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